On August 25, 2022, Georgia Tech CREATE-X hosted Demo Day at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. More than 75 startups from 100 team in the cohort, including 16 faculty teams coached by VentureLab, showcased their entrepreneurial skills and innovative efforts learned and applied during the 12-week Startup Launch program. Demo Day, which attracts more than 1,000 attendees, is free and open to the public.

Demo Day Pitches Released

Watch these four sets of startup pitches tackling problems ranging from homelessness to cybersecurity.  RSVP for virtual Demo Day so you can talk to them directly at their booths on 8/25/2022.

About Demo Day 2022

Meet the Student Entrepreneurs at the Number One Startup School in the Country!

CREATE-X is one of the big reasons that Georgia Tech is becoming known as the nation's number one startup school! Since 2014, the program's new businesses have been valued at $1.9B. 

If you want to see the next round of CREATE-X start ups and meet their exceptional founders, then you should attend the CREATE-X Demo-Day  on August 25, 2022!  The event will feature 90+ startups focusing on a range of business areas: Manufacturing, EDTech, VR, and Drones.

With our annual CREATE-X Demo Day we look to showcase the entrepreneurial and innovative efforts of our Georgia Tech students and alumni as they work through our Startup Launch program. Through Startup Launch, we have helped launch over 300 companies founded by entrepreneurial students who have raised over $300M in venture financing!

Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 25th from 5-7PM! The event will be in person at the Fox Theater and is a free event, where you can meet and talk to the founders at their booths.  Their one-minute pitches will be released asynchronously for you to watch prior to the event allowing you to spend the time during Demo Day to meet virtually and directly with founders to learn more.