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Are you interested in building a startup idea based on funded research from a Georgia Tech lab? CREATE-X has partnered with VentureLab for a version of Startup Launch that is tailor-made for you.

Why Choose CREATE-X VentureLab?

  1. $10K Commercialization Grant: Kickstart your startup!
  2. In-Depth Resources: Access $150,000 worth of in-kind services, personalized mentorship, and a thriving entrepreneurial network.

Please Note: To participate as a VentureLab-supported team, your project should be based on funded research from a Georgia Tech lab. 

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CREATE-X gives students every advantage it can to help support them in launching their products. Our program is built with the flexibility to meet their needs, whether they need instruction in the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, the resources to develop products, or a driven, business minded community with which to build and connect. Regardless of the pathway they take, we want all Georgia Tech students to be equipped with business know-how and the confidence that brings because of that spirit will prepare them to impact the world in the way they dream.

2024 marks the 10th year of CREATE-X. Watch the video to see what our 10th batch of founders had to say about their experience in the program. 

CREATE-X at Georgia Tech

CREATE-X is a Georgia Tech initiative to instill entrepreneurial confidence in students and empower them to launch successful startups.

By the Numbers

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Our Programs

CREATE-X is organized into three categories: LEARN, MAKE and LAUNCH. These entrepreneurship programs are open to all students, from incoming freshmen and undergraduate students of all years, to masters and Ph.D. students. Georgia Tech faculty, researchers, and alumni may also participate through our Launch program. 


The CREATE-X LEARN element consists of a class that exposes students to startup concepts and teaches them the methodology of evidence-based entrepreneurship. Through LEARN, Startup Lab gives students a zero risk opportunity to examine their startup ideas within the context of their formal education and enables them to identify business failures in the lab instead of in the market.


The CREATE-X MAKE element consists of a set of research and prototyping classes that enable students to overcome technology barriers that might lie in the way of them launching a successful venture. Through MAKE, Idea to Prototype and CREATE-X Capstone provide students with prototyping grants, mentorship, and curricular credit as they create intellectual property and build prototypes toward their venture idea.


The CREATE-X LAUNCH element consists of a program for students and alumni who want to launch their projects from idea stage (or beyond) into fully functioning and viable startups. Through LAUNCH, Startup Launch provides teams with $5,000 in seed funding and $30,000 worth of in-kind services, including legal and accounting services, coaching, space, mentorship, visibility, and IP protection.

"CREATE-X is working to establish Georgia Tech as the number one startup campus in the nation with the most funded student startup enterprises."

Rahul Saxena
Director, CREATE-X

Recent News

Lilypad Health, a startup opening doors to accessible, non-invasive care through an at-home, non-invasive menstrual blood screening tool, wins the 2024 Inventure Prize Competition.

Join Georgia Tech on March 13th, 7:30-9:00 p.m., to watch a new batch of undergraduate students pitch their innovative creations in this year’s InVenture Prize competition.

CREATE-X hosts Legal Buzz, one of the program’s regular workshops, to give students an opportunity to speak with lawyers about startups.

Students, faculty, and alumni are encouraged to apply to Startup Launch Summer 2024 and become one of the over 450 startups launched by CREATE-X.