MAKE provides students the skills and expertise to overcome technological challenges that exist to turn their idea into a working product. The signature program, Idea 2 Prototype (i2p), provides students with resources and technical mentorship to refine their idea into a working prototype. Teams look more deeply into the technology underlying their ideas and then construct a prototype or working proof of concept.

"The Georgia Tech CREATE-X MAKE program helps you concentrate and multiply your invention efforts.  With a team of your peers, the MAKE courses such as Idea-2-Prototype and Capstone provide the infrastructure--including mentorship, money, and course credit--to help you develop a working prototype of your invention idea."

-Craig Forest, associate director, MAKE

  • Refine your idea: Technical and faculty mentorship enable students to understand the technological challenges of their idea and how it can become a reality
  • Create a prototype: Funding (up to $500 per team per semester) and resources are provided for students to build their prototype 
  • Present to the public: A showcase at the end of the program allows students to present their prototypes to the public