Parth Arora, Georgia Tech computer science senior and founder of Third Dimension Fitness, leveraged his entrepreneurial skills and CREATE-X’s resources to grow his startup, leading to its acquisition by Elbo as he prepares to join Apple’s VisionPro team.

Startup Summer is part of CREATE-X, a newly launched initiative to enhance and support entrepreneurship programs for undergraduate students.

Team's invention makes it easier to manage warehouse inventory. Oculogx is competing in 2017 Collegiate Inventors Competition.

Raghupathy “Siva” Sivakumar is among the 164 renowned academic inventors named as Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI). 

CREATE-X provided two computer science students with the tools they needed to focus on the right audience.

Avoid staying hangry by using Queues, a CREATE-X alumn company, to know how long wait times are at campus dining locations

Ethos Medical, founded by three engineering alums, secured funding to test their lumbar puncture system

Startup Crescendo acquired by Ultimate Guitar

Engineers Kolby Hanley and Lee Whitcher leverage just-in-time manufacturing to create respirator parts to address the shortage of health care equipment

Teams presented innovative product ideas to a group of judges from the tech, business, and healthcare fields