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Company Video Description Industry Booth
AlphaROC Inc. Embedded thumbnail for AlphaROC Inc. Our mission is to revolutionize the market research industry by bringing the latest Machine Learning, Data Science, and computational AI techniques to an industry ripe for change. Industry: AI Booth: 11
Fan&Fic Embedded thumbnail for Fan&Fic Fan&Fic simplifies writing fanfiction with AI. It provides an immersive platform for fans to chat with their favorite characters, craft their own narratives, and transform their writing style with dynamic AI filters, making the process of writing fanfiction more engaging, collaborative, and fun. Industry: AI Booth: 12
D1.AI, Inc. Embedded thumbnail for D1.AI, Inc. Artifical intelligence powered analytics for tennis coaches to enhance their players' performance, technique, and strategy. Industry: AI Booth: 13
Raccoon Eyes, Inc. Embedded thumbnail for Raccoon Eyes, Inc. Raccoon Eyes is a talking trash can that provides food waste and consumer sentiment analytics. Industry: AI Booth: 14
Vibbl, Inc. Embedded thumbnail for Vibbl, Inc. Vibbl is your one-stop platform for effortlessly automating the creation of attention-grabbing social media marketing videos. Industry: AI Booth: 15
Dentalyze Embedded thumbnail for Dentalyze "Dentalyze”, is a revolutionary AI-driven solution for interpretation and diagnosis of complex dental radiographs. Industry: AI Booth: 16
Cadmus Analytics, Inc. Embedded thumbnail for Cadmus Analytics, Inc. AI tools for the EMS Industry Industry: AI Booth: 17
cascAId Embedded thumbnail for cascAId Advancing AI for the 'gold mines' of modern society, datacenters. Industry: AI Booth: 18
SightWise, Inc. Embedded thumbnail for SightWise, Inc. Consumers with visual impairments will buy ChatGPT-esque assistants w/ image comprehension capabilities served in a ubiquitous, hands-free form factor because of its ease of use and utility in a wide range of day-to-day activities. Industry: AI Booth: 19
Furnichanter AI Embedded thumbnail for Furnichanter AI We help interior designers connect with their customers on the next level by providing them a simple language which both them and their clients can use to understand each other better. By using our platform interior designers are able to visualize potential furniture design from just a verbal description and get an instant feedback from a customer while they are discussing the details. Industry: AI Booth: 35
EcoSnap Inc. Embedded thumbnail for EcoSnap Inc. Using EcoSnap, you can actively help conservation efforts just by taking a picture on your phone and collect the different animals you snap a picture of. Save the animals in a fun and interactive way! Industry: Sustainability Booth: 52
Yara inc. Embedded thumbnail for Yara inc. Water conscious consumers will buy water offsets because it will let them make an impact without any uncomfortable changes to daily habits Industry: Sustainability Booth: 53
Carter Wade, Inc. Embedded thumbnail for Carter Wade, Inc. We craft high-end handbags from sustainably sourced cactus leather Industry: Sustainability Booth: 54
UpMentality Embedded thumbnail for UpMentality Our app closes the gap between mental health education for mental health first responders so they can better serve their communities by connecting them to professional mental health alongside educating themselves. Industry: Sustainability Booth: 55
Mycorrhiza Fashion Embedded thumbnail for Mycorrhiza Fashion Ethical fashion derived from textiles engineered from fungi that allows the user the flexibility to express themselves as fast as the trends may change while respecting the environment and beings living in it Industry: Sustainability Booth: 56
In Good Company Embedded thumbnail for In Good Company IGC is a B2B service helping the service industry resolve labor challenges by training managers to obtain and retain talent from the disabled community. Industry: Sustainability Booth: 63
CarbonPlay Embedded thumbnail for CarbonPlay CarbonPlay is a plug in carbon credit issuing platform for sustainability projects at scale and a project marketplace to for purchasers to find projects. CarbonPlay uses a digital ledger technology to enable trust by tracking sustainability metrics directly from the sensors. Industry: Sustainability Booth: 64
Kanoon Embedded thumbnail for Kanoon Household families in developing nations buy the stove primarily for cooking due to its efficiency, smoke reduction and affordability. Household families and individuals in developed nations buy the stove for camping, social gatherings, and outdoor heating. Industry: Sustainability Booth: 65
Foodpreneurs Hub Embedded thumbnail for Foodpreneurs Hub Foodpreneurs Hub helps food manufacturing startups to launch successful food manufacturing businesses by providing access to resources, knowledge and network. Industry: Sustainability Booth: 66 Embedded thumbnail for Brands will advertise on Jiito because it has GenZ students using the app. GenZ students will use the app because of the safe community Industry: Sustainability Booth: 67
Salepoint Embedded thumbnail for Salepoint Salepoint is an AI-powered tool that automates invoice filing Industry: B2B Software Booth: 25 Embedded thumbnail for At Iterate, we are creating an AI-powered website builder that understands natural language instructions, so you can build and customize a website by simply explaining what you want to create.. Industry: B2B Software Booth: 57
The Breakroom Embedded thumbnail for The Breakroom Companies will buy access to our application to increase the overall productivity levels and morale of their remote workers. Industry: B2B Software Booth: 58
WheelChariot, Inc. Embedded thumbnail for WheelChariot, Inc. Brick and mortar businesses will enroll our accessibility education and consultation platform to better their accessibility and tap into a market of consumers that doubles sales and quadruples revenue. Industry: B2B Software Booth: 59
SellRaze Embedded thumbnail for SellRaze E-Commerce solution for your online business, allowing you to manage your listings, logistics, and inventory from a centralized platform. List once, Sell Everywhere Industry: B2B Software Booth: 60
Arlax, Inc Embedded thumbnail for Arlax, Inc Online platform connecting content creators and digital artists to powerful editing tools Industry: B2B Software Booth: 61
Naabho Embedded thumbnail for Naabho Naabho assists small and medium-sized logistics businesses on land and sea, to effortlessly monitor supply chain and Inventory Management through unified remote sensing satellite data and dynamic 3D Maps. Industry: B2B Software Booth: 62
Neural Fetch Embedded thumbnail for Neural Fetch Keep track of your dog’s body and mind even while you are away Industry: Consumer Apps/Goods and Retail Booth: 36
Thread App, Inc. Embedded thumbnail for Thread App, Inc. Thread is a dating coach in your pocket. We help people find their special person by making them the best version of themselves. Industry: Consumer Apps/Goods and Retail Booth: 37
Pandamensional Inc Embedded thumbnail for Pandamensional Inc Pandamensional provides artificially intelligent solutions to help simplify the stock analysis and strategy validation/research process for traders and investors, while providing all the data they need in one platform Industry: Consumer Apps/Goods and Retail Booth: 38
SXPC Studios Embedded thumbnail for SXPC Studios A creative studio that produces mobile gaming apps. Industry: Consumer Apps/Goods and Retail Booth: 39
Roadmap Embedded thumbnail for Roadmap Built with GPT-4, Roadmap automatically breaks down any goal into smaller, actionable steps and schedules those steps directly onto your calendar.. Industry: Consumer Apps/Goods and Retail Booth: 40
Gingertech Inc. Embedded thumbnail for Gingertech Inc. The Neon App provides most comfortable and customizable experience for PC to Mobile gaming. Industry: Consumer Apps/Goods and Retail Booth: 41
InfiNails Embedded thumbnail for InfiNails People who like artificial nails will buy InfiNails because current nails on the market are cumbersome when using touchscreens. Industry: Consumer Apps/Goods and Retail Booth: 42
KINGBREAKER HOLDINGS, INC. Embedded thumbnail for KINGBREAKER HOLDINGS, INC. Foreclosure victims will use our all-in-one services and software in order to navigate through saving their homes from foreclosure Industry: Consumer Apps/Goods and Retail Booth: 43
Soter Driving, Inc Embedded thumbnail for Soter Driving, Inc Our patent-pending eye-tracking software identifies and address hazardous behavior in new teenager drivers. It will play a sound to redirect their attention when they're distracted, and generate reports about behavior. Industry: Consumer Apps/Goods and Retail Booth: 44
Novux, Inc. Embedded thumbnail for Novux, Inc. Students and home workers will buy the Stimulight because they want to increase their productivity and mood/mental health. Industry: Consumer Apps/Goods and Retail Booth: 45
Chooka (Chüka / Chuka) Embedded thumbnail for Chooka (Chüka / Chuka) Our aim is to foster stronger connections among individuals and with their communities by providing intimate solutions. Currently, we are building a mobile app, "Chooka", to revolutionize the art of gift-giving, making it an effortless, thrilling, and engaging experience. Industry: Consumer Apps/Goods and Retail Booth: 46
CollaboratHive Inc. Embedded thumbnail for CollaboratHive Inc. CollaboratHive connects prospective international university students with current students at their dream universities. Industry: Consumer Apps/Goods and Retail Booth: 47
Homeaze Embedded thumbnail for Homeaze We act as feet on the street for the international students, match them with compatible homies, help them secure a safe off campus housing option and set up of utilities and financial services. Industry: Consumer Apps/Goods and Retail Booth: 48
Hitch Buddy Embedded thumbnail for Hitch Buddy A mid to long distance ride sharing app focused on matching traveling drivers with passengers wanting to travel in a similar route Industry: Consumer Apps/Goods and Retail Booth: 49
Zesha Beauty, Inc Embedded thumbnail for Zesha Beauty, Inc Zesha Beauty is a skincare brand specifically for the bikini area. We sell a luxurious beauty scrub designed to address hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs, and razor burns in the bikini area. Industry: Consumer Apps/Goods and Retail Booth: 50
Secure Verification Group, Inc. Embedded thumbnail for Secure Verification Group, Inc. We've created an app that allows for restaurants, bars, clubs, and more to verify patrons ages through the use of Mobile Drivers Licenses on Apple Wallet. Industry: Consumer Apps/Goods and Retail Booth: 51
XR Navigation Inc. Embedded thumbnail for XR Navigation Inc. We are building Audiom: The world's most inclusive visual, auditory, and tactile digital map viewer and editor. Industry: Deep Tech Booth: 1
PhycoSight Embedded thumbnail for PhycoSight Water utilities managing phytoplankton blooms will buy PhycoSight because it automates the time-intensive process of manually identifying and enumerating algae, saving utilities tens of hours of specialized labor each week. Industry: Deep Tech Booth: 2
EyeCoD Embedded thumbnail for EyeCoD VR/AR/Metaverse company like Meta/Sony/Microsoft will buy our eye tracking system because of (1) real time; (2) small form-factor; (3) better privacy. Industry: Deep Tech Booth: 3
OpenWerks Embedded thumbnail for OpenWerks Creating the next generation computational tools to revolutionize the business and engineering process of traditional manufacturing job shop industry. Industry: Deep Tech Booth: 10
ModμScope3D Embedded thumbnail for ModμScope3D Medical professionals will buy the micro 3D printer because it allows them to create custom implants or prosthetics for their patients. Industry: Deep Tech Booth: 73
Cerulean Embedded thumbnail for Cerulean Individuals will buy wearable micro-optical sensors to measure their personal exposure to toxic gases and particulates. Industry: Deep Tech Booth: 74
Safe Road Solutions Embedded thumbnail for Safe Road Solutions Our goal is to improve roadway safety for the public and to save lives by developing innovative and cost-effective technologies that leverage the power of smartphones and AI. Our focus is to efficiently identify high crash-risk locations, primarily dangerous roadway curves (turns), evaluate their safety condition, and recommend safety improvement countermeasures. This would benefit 1) transportation agencies for enhanced roadway safety management and improvement, and 2) logistics companies and connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) for safer navigation. Industry: Deep Tech Booth: 75
GlucoSense, Inc Embedded thumbnail for GlucoSense, Inc People that manage diabetes will buy our health analytics application to reduce the constant stress over maintaining normal blood sugar. Industry: Health Booth: 20
ExoSkeleton Innovations Embedded thumbnail for ExoSkeleton Innovations ExoSkeleton Innovations redefines athletic training using resistive technology and time-under-tension to enhance physical performance by improving strength and mobility. Industry: Health Booth: 21
Glassbox Health Inc Embedded thumbnail for Glassbox Health Inc We find and fix errors in your medical bills for you. Industry: Health Booth: 22
Nu Stic Embedded thumbnail for Nu Stic Nootropics/Supplements made Customizable & Convenient Industry: Health Booth: 23
SingularityMD Embedded thumbnail for SingularityMD For primary care doctors drowning in administrative tasks, SingularityMD automates physician note-taking and restores joy to medical practice. Industry: Health Booth: 24
Allical, Inc. Embedded thumbnail for Allical, Inc. Customers/companies will buy Allical supplement/production license because of its proven active ingredient delivery technology Industry: Health Booth: 26
Reflex Embedded thumbnail for Reflex Reflex aims to reduce emergency response times by delivering medical equipment via drones to bystanders and victims in time-critical emergencies. Industry: Health Booth: 27
FADpad Embedded thumbnail for FADpad We have created a menstrual blood screening device that revolutionizes the field of gynecology and women's health. The FADpad is an affordable and non-invasive way to test for gynecological diseases in the comfort of the user's home. Industry: Health Booth: 28
Pharmalytix, Inc. Embedded thumbnail for Pharmalytix, Inc. Pharmalytix introduces an innovative solution - an insulin spoilage test designed to fortify the control and confidence of individuals with diabetes during critical moments. Through a simple application of a small insulin sample, our rapid testing process provides users with swift, visual validation of medication integrity in less than 30 minutes, empowering them with reassurance when they need it most. Industry: Health Booth: 29
Pulse Oxi-Mates Embedded thumbnail for Pulse Oxi-Mates Hospitals/Healthcare Facilities/Medical Services will buy Sublingual Pulse Oximeters because it will improve patient care outcomes Industry: Health Booth: 30
Beta Wave Labs, Inc. Embedded thumbnail for Beta Wave Labs, Inc. HeadStart, a product by Beta Wave Labs, is a mobile ecosystem for long-term concussion recovery. Our app empowers patients to take control of their recovery by providing a trackable and gamified experience. It provides doctors with the data they need to make better decisions and manage their suite of patients more efficiently than ever before. Industry: Health Booth: 31
RespAI Inc. Embedded thumbnail for RespAI Inc. Healthcare professionals will buy RespAI's automated lung imaging diagnosis system because of a robust and efficient diagnostic pipeline. Industry: Health Booth: 32
AthletiSense Embedded thumbnail for AthletiSense IoT wearable device that tracks injury recovery in athletes Industry: Health Booth: 33
Curanostics Embedded thumbnail for Curanostics Democratizing disease diagnosis with portable, rapid molecular testing for anyone, anywhere. Industry: Health Booth: 34
Reinvend, Inc. Embedded thumbnail for Reinvend, Inc. Reinvend offers vending services tailored to locations through a focus on customer needs. Our customer facing brand, Chew-Want, offers items ranging from foods to household supplies where you need them most. Industry: Manufacturing & Hardware Booth: 4
Waveguard Inc Embedded thumbnail for Waveguard Inc Waveguard is committed to equipping maritime first responders with a search and rescue drone that is capable of saving drowning victims quickly, safely and effectively. Industry: Manufacturing & Hardware Booth: 5
Konst Products LLC Embedded thumbnail for Konst Products LLC Coffee shops and home baristas will buy Konst Product's coffee machine because it is a novel way to produce third-wave iced coffee. Industry: Manufacturing & Hardware Booth: 6
Athlum Inc. Embedded thumbnail for Athlum Inc. Dynamic light-up turf revolutionizes football training, maximizing player performance and potential. Industry: Manufacturing & Hardware Booth: 7
ShapeGrid Embedded thumbnail for ShapeGrid ShapeGrid is developing solutions that help industrial companies, developers, and agencies automate their 3D/CAD data preparation and optimization. Industry: Manufacturing & Hardware Booth: 8
CameraProtech Inc Embedded thumbnail for CameraProtech Inc Camera Protech provides camera mounts that attach to volleyball poles and include protective housing around the camera to improve broadcasting for volleyball matches. Industry: Manufacturing & Hardware Booth: 9
WiserMachines Embedded thumbnail for WiserMachines Industry managers will buy a digital twin of their factory because it improves their production efficiency and optimizes operations Industry: Manufacturing & Hardware Booth: 68
Hermes Automotive Inc Embedded thumbnail for Hermes Automotive Inc Logistics/trucking companies will buy our aftermarket autonomous driving kits because it will cut costs and increase operating hours. Industry: Manufacturing & Hardware Booth: 69
Verinno, Inc. Embedded thumbnail for Verinno, Inc. Our monitoring system helps push more current through high-voltage power lines to unlock grid capacity and accelerate the integration of renewable energy. Industry: Manufacturing & Hardware Booth: 70
Metzev, Inc. Embedded thumbnail for Metzev, Inc. Second Life electric vehicle battery distribution and manufacturing of sustainable energy storage products. Lithium batteries catered to Golf Cart service centers and large scale energy storage system manufacturers. Industry: Manufacturing & Hardware Booth: 71
Drones iVue Inc. Embedded thumbnail for Drones iVue Inc. iVue produces and sells media content and drone hardware. Industry: Manufacturing & Hardware Booth: 72

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