Secure Verification Group, Inc.

We've created an app that allows for restaurants, bars, clubs, and more to verify patrons ages through the use of Mobile Drivers Licenses on Apple Wallet.

Zesha Beauty, Inc

Zesha Beauty is a skincare brand specifically for the bikini area. We sell a luxurious beauty scrub designed to address hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs, and razor burns in the bikini area.

Hitch Buddy

A mid to long distance ride sharing app focused on matching traveling drivers with passengers wanting to travel in a similar route


We act as feet on the street for the international students, match them with compatible homies, help them secure a safe off campus housing option and set up of utilities and financial services.

CollaboratHive Inc.

CollaboratHive connects prospective international university students with current students at their dream universities.

Chooka (Chüka / Chuka)

Our aim is to foster stronger connections among individuals and with their communities by providing intimate solutions. Currently, we are building a mobile app, "Chooka", to revolutionize the art of gift-giving, making it an effortless, thrilling, and engaging experience.

Novux, Inc.

Students and home workers will buy the Stimulight because they want to increase their productivity and mood/mental health.

Soter Driving, Inc

Our patent-pending eye-tracking software identifies and address hazardous behavior in new teenager drivers. It will play a sound to redirect their attention when they're distracted, and generate reports about behavior.


Foreclosure victims will use our all-in-one services and software in order to navigate through saving their homes from foreclosure


People who like artificial nails will buy InfiNails because current nails on the market are cumbersome when using touchscreens.