Gingertech Inc.

The Neon App provides most comfortable and customizable experience for PC to Mobile gaming.


Built with GPT-4, Roadmap automatically breaks down any goal into smaller, actionable steps and schedules those steps directly onto your calendar..

SXPC Studios

A creative studio that produces mobile gaming apps.

Pandamensional Inc

Pandamensional provides artificially intelligent solutions to help simplify the stock analysis and strategy validation/research process for traders and investors, while providing all the data they need in one platform

Thread App, Inc.

Thread is a dating coach in your pocket. We help people find their special person by making them the best version of themselves.

Neural Fetch

Keep track of your dog’s body and mind even while you are away


Shooni is a centralized location to help college students with all their housing related needs.

Vex Labs Inc.

Automating high quality short form video content for early stage startups leveraging the power of generative AI


Plandat is a tool that helps indoor plant parents to conveniently water and monitor their plants. Whether you are a frequent traveler or have lots of plants, Plandat can make plant care easier!


Influencers and content creators will buy subscription to better showcase their social footprint.