Brands will advertise on Jiito because it has GenZ students using the app. GenZ students will use the app because of the safe community

Foodpreneurs Hub

Foodpreneurs Hub helps food manufacturing startups to launch successful food manufacturing businesses by providing access to resources, knowledge and network.


Household families in developing nations buy the stove primarily for cooking due to its efficiency, smoke reduction and affordability. Household families and individuals in developed nations buy the stove for camping, social gatherings, and outdoor heating.


CarbonPlay is a plug in carbon credit issuing platform for sustainability projects at scale and a project marketplace to for purchasers to find projects. CarbonPlay uses a digital ledger technology to enable trust by tracking sustainability metrics directly from the sensors.

In Good Company

IGC is a B2B service helping the service industry resolve labor challenges by training managers to obtain and retain talent from the disabled community.

Mycorrhiza Fashion

Ethical fashion derived from textiles engineered from fungi that allows the user the flexibility to express themselves as fast as the trends may change while respecting the environment and beings living in it


Our app closes the gap between mental health education for mental health first responders so they can better serve their communities by connecting them to professional mental health alongside educating themselves.

Carter Wade, Inc.

We craft high-end handbags from sustainably sourced cactus leather

Yara inc.

Water conscious consumers will buy water offsets because it will let them make an impact without any uncomfortable changes to daily habits

EcoSnap Inc.

Using EcoSnap, you can actively help conservation efforts just by taking a picture on your phone and collect the different animals you snap a picture of. Save the animals in a fun and interactive way!