Safe Road Solutions

Our goal is to improve roadway safety for the public and to save lives by developing innovative and cost-effective technologies that leverage the power of smartphones and AI. Our focus is to efficiently identify high crash-risk locations, primarily dangerous roadway curves (turns), evaluate their safety condition, and recommend safety improvement countermeasures. This would benefit 1) transportation agencies for enhanced roadway safety management and improvement, and 2) logistics companies and connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) for safer navigation.


Individuals will buy wearable micro-optical sensors to measure their personal exposure to toxic gases and particulates.


Medical professionals will buy the micro 3D printer because it allows them to create custom implants or prosthetics for their patients.


Patients with Autoimmune or Neurological Disorders or Cancers will buy a diagnostic toolkit because it is tailored to their genetic make-up.


Our dielectric sensors fit in complex bioreactors while still having decent accuracy.


Creating the next generation computational tools to revolutionize the business and engineering process of traditional manufacturing job shop industry.


VR/AR/Metaverse company like Meta/Sony/Microsoft will buy our eye tracking system because of (1) real time; (2) small form-factor; (3) better privacy.


Water utilities managing phytoplankton blooms will buy PhycoSight because it automates the time-intensive process of manually identifying and enumerating algae, saving utilities tens of hours of specialized labor each week.

XR Navigation Inc.

We are building Audiom: The world's most inclusive visual, auditory, and tactile digital map viewer and editor.

Atomistic Insights

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies will buy our algorithm, DeepPath, because it improves their computational aided drug design efforts.