Students, faculty, and alumni are encouraged to apply to Startup Launch Summer 2024 and become one of the over 450 startups launched by CREATE-X.

Rahul Saxena, who joined the Georgia Tech CREATE-X team in 2019,  has been appointed as the program's director. 

The new program provides support to those who want to start businesses that solve social and environmental challenges.

Current, former Georgia Tech students work on solutions and products for startups

Have a great invention idea? Let us help you make your ideas real. I2P is an undergrad research experience: receive academic credit, and a grant of up to $1.5k to make your idea real.

Entrepreneur and Professor Raghupathy “Siva” Sivakumar has been named Georgia Tech’s inaugural Interim Chief Commercialization Officer. 

Raghupathy “Siva” Sivakumar is among the 164 renowned academic inventors named as Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI). 

CREATE-X is a collective of programs designed to boost students' entrepreneurial confidence and give them the tools they need to establish startups.