Hermes Automotive Inc

Logistics/trucking companies will buy our aftermarket autonomous driving kits because it will cut costs and increase operating hours.


Industry managers will buy a digital twin of their factory because it improves their production efficiency and optimizes operations


CarbonPlay is a plug in carbon credit issuing platform for sustainability projects at scale and a project marketplace to for purchasers to find projects. CarbonPlay uses a digital ledger technology to enable trust by tracking sustainability metrics directly from the sensors.


Naabho assists small and medium-sized logistics businesses on land and sea, to effortlessly monitor supply chain and Inventory Management through unified remote sensing satellite data and dynamic 3D Maps.


Salepoint is an AI-powered tool that automates invoice filing

Arlax, Inc

Online platform connecting content creators and digital artists to powerful editing tools

At Iterate, we are creating an AI-powered website builder that understands natural language instructions, so you can build and customize a website by simply explaining what you want to create..

EcoSnap Inc.

Using EcoSnap, you can actively help conservation efforts just by taking a picture on your phone and collect the different animals you snap a picture of. Save the animals in a fun and interactive way!


We act as feet on the street for the international students, match them with compatible homies, help them secure a safe off campus housing option and set up of utilities and financial services.


Built with GPT-4, Roadmap automatically breaks down any goal into smaller, actionable steps and schedules those steps directly onto your calendar..