Hermes Automotive Inc

Logistics/trucking companies will buy our aftermarket autonomous driving kits because it will cut costs and increase operating hours.

Neural Fetch

Keep track of your dog’s body and mind even while you are away


Reflex aims to reduce emergency response times by delivering medical equipment via drones to bystanders and victims in time-critical emergencies.

ExoSkeleton Innovations

ExoSkeleton Innovations redefines athletic training using resistive technology and time-under-tension to enhance physical performance by improving strength and mobility.

Reinvend, Inc.

Reinvend offers vending services tailored to locations through a focus on customer needs. Our customer facing brand, Chew-Want, offers items ranging from foods to household supplies where you need them most.

Lumindt Labs

Using materials processed in space to manufacture parts in space.

Pattent, LLC

Enabling higher levels of drone autonomy by generating routes through urban areas that minimize risk to people on the ground.