Foodpreneurs Hub

Foodpreneurs Hub helps food manufacturing startups to launch successful food manufacturing businesses by providing access to resources, knowledge and network.

Secure Verification Group, Inc.

We've created an app that allows for restaurants, bars, clubs, and more to verify patrons ages through the use of Mobile Drivers Licenses on Apple Wallet.


to be added.

Raccoon Eyes, Inc.

Raccoon Eyes is a talking trash can that provides food waste and consumer sentiment analytics.

Konst Products LLC

Coffee shops and home baristas will buy Konst Product's coffee machine because it is a novel way to produce third-wave iced coffee.

Reinvend, Inc.

Reinvend offers vending services tailored to locations through a focus on customer needs. Our customer facing brand, Chew-Want, offers items ranging from foods to household supplies where you need them most.


A turbulence controller device which will be bought by the academic/research experimentalist because you can simulate natural turbulence.

Young Food Entertainment, LLC

Esco Eats is a brand that bakes and markets the "World Famous Apple Cobbler Pie".


NutriVend is a shortcut to reaching your fitness goals and being secure about your body.

Athletes and gym goers will use NutriVend for convenience, cost reduction, and efficiency in reaching their fitness goals.

Gumball Emotion Machine

Gumball Emotion Machines' (GEM) first product is a vending machine that captures consumer emotions and displays them in an engaging and bold way.

Emotion data is exchanged for gumballs and other prizes.

Consumers benefit by taking back control of their biometric data and getting paid for it directly by companies.