The Breakroom

Companies will buy access to our application to increase the overall productivity levels and morale of their remote workers.

At Iterate, we are creating an AI-powered website builder that understands natural language instructions, so you can build and customize a website by simply explaining what you want to create..

Secure Verification Group, Inc.

We've created an app that allows for restaurants, bars, clubs, and more to verify patrons ages through the use of Mobile Drivers Licenses on Apple Wallet.


We act as feet on the street for the international students, match them with compatible homies, help them secure a safe off campus housing option and set up of utilities and financial services.


People who like artificial nails will buy InfiNails because current nails on the market are cumbersome when using touchscreens.


Built with GPT-4, Roadmap automatically breaks down any goal into smaller, actionable steps and schedules those steps directly onto your calendar..

Pandamensional Inc

Pandamensional provides artificially intelligent solutions to help simplify the stock analysis and strategy validation/research process for traders and investors, while providing all the data they need in one platform


Democratizing disease diagnosis with portable, rapid molecular testing for anyone, anywhere.


IoT wearable device that tracks injury recovery in athletes

RespAI Inc.

Healthcare professionals will buy RespAI's automated lung imaging diagnosis system because of a robust and efficient diagnostic pipeline.