Individuals will buy wearable micro-optical sensors to measure their personal exposure to toxic gases and particulates.

Metzev, Inc.

Second Life electric vehicle battery distribution and manufacturing of sustainable energy storage products. Lithium batteries catered to Golf Cart service centers and large scale energy storage system manufacturers.

Verinno, Inc.

Our monitoring system helps push more current through high-voltage power lines to unlock grid capacity and accelerate the integration of renewable energy.

Hermes Automotive Inc

Logistics/trucking companies will buy our aftermarket autonomous driving kits because it will cut costs and increase operating hours.


Industry managers will buy a digital twin of their factory because it improves their production efficiency and optimizes operations

Secure Verification Group, Inc.

We've created an app that allows for restaurants, bars, clubs, and more to verify patrons ages through the use of Mobile Drivers Licenses on Apple Wallet.

Novux, Inc.

Students and home workers will buy the Stimulight because they want to increase their productivity and mood/mental health.


People who like artificial nails will buy InfiNails because current nails on the market are cumbersome when using touchscreens.


Democratizing disease diagnosis with portable, rapid molecular testing for anyone, anywhere.


IoT wearable device that tracks injury recovery in athletes