TEQ Charging is a startup formed by current and former Georgia Tech students. They invented a "power strip" for electric vehicles to provide greater accessibility to charging without an increase in power infrastructure. Team members are (from left to right): Mitchell Kelman (lead software developer), Josh Lieberman (CEO), Isaac Wittenstein (COO) and Dorrier Coleman (CTO). 

Just six months ago, Josh Lieberman and Isaac Wittenstein were two Georgia Tech students sitting in Startup Lab, a class that exposes students to startups and teaches them how to develop a business model. Both were interested in the electric vehicle market.

At the same time, Dorrier Coleman was experimenting with electric vehicles as part of his Capstone Design project.

Today the three are co-founders of TEQ Charging, a startup that invented a power strip that allows multiple electric vehicles to be recharged by a single charging point. They were in Las Vegas as finalists for Tech.Co’s annual Startup of the Year. 

Coleman graduated in May, while Lieberman and Wittenstein are still enrolled as mechanical engineering majors.

They launched TEQ during Startup Summer, which is part of CREATE-X, a Georgia Tech initiative to enhance and support entrepreneurship programs for undergraduate students. The new program is one way the Institute is preparing the nation’s next entrepreneurs.

“Georgia Tech has given us the opportunity to be where we are right now,” said Lieberman, who is the CEO. “Without it, we would not have been able to clearly define our business. This definition has allowed us to build a strong business and be a finalist for Tech.Co Startup of the Year.”

TEQ eliminates a main source of frustration for electric vehicle drives: seeing one car plugged in to a charging point all day while other drivers wait to connect. The power strip solves that problem by servicing multiple cars at a time. Their patent-pending algorithm and hardware design eliminates the need to run a separate power line to each individual charger. The TEQ app helps vehicle owners locate an open charger.

TEQ is currently in its beta program and expects to hit the market the first quarter of 2016.

Learn more about TEQ here.

TEQ created a power strip to charge electric vehicles. The technology and design increases the efficiency – and lowers the cost -- of current charge stations by sequentially charging vehicle. Installing this plug-in system throughout parking lots or decks allows drivers to charge when they need it. The team is one of 10 to complete the 2015 Startup Summer program.