In Good Company

IGC is a B2B service helping the service industry resolve labor challenges by training managers to obtain and retain talent from the disabled community.

WheelChariot, Inc.

Brick and mortar businesses will enroll our accessibility education and consultation platform to better their accessibility and tap into a market of consumers that doubles sales and quadruples revenue.

Carter Wade, Inc.

We craft high-end handbags from sustainably sourced cactus leather

Secure Verification Group, Inc.

We've created an app that allows for restaurants, bars, clubs, and more to verify patrons ages through the use of Mobile Drivers Licenses on Apple Wallet.


People who like artificial nails will buy InfiNails because current nails on the market are cumbersome when using touchscreens.

Furnichanter AI

We help interior designers connect with their customers on the next level by providing them a simple language which both them and their clients can use to understand each other better. By using our platform interior designers are able to visualize potential furniture design from just a verbal description and get an instant feedback from a customer while they are discussing the details.


Shooni is a centralized location to help college students with all their housing related needs.

Allical, Inc.

Customers/companies will buy Allical supplement/production license because of its proven active ingredient delivery technology

Raccoon Eyes, Inc.

Raccoon Eyes is a talking trash can that provides food waste and consumer sentiment analytics.

Konst Products LLC

Coffee shops and home baristas will buy Konst Product's coffee machine because it is a novel way to produce third-wave iced coffee.