Our app closes the gap between mental health education for mental health first responders so they can better serve their communities by connecting them to professional mental health alongside educating themselves.


Democratizing disease diagnosis with portable, rapid molecular testing for anyone, anywhere.


IoT wearable device that tracks injury recovery in athletes


Patients with Autoimmune or Neurological Disorders or Cancers will buy a diagnostic toolkit because it is tailored to their genetic make-up.

RespAI Inc.

Healthcare professionals will buy RespAI's automated lung imaging diagnosis system because of a robust and efficient diagnostic pipeline.

Beta Wave Labs, Inc.

HeadStart, a product by Beta Wave Labs, is a mobile ecosystem for long-term concussion recovery. Our app empowers patients to take control of their recovery by providing a trackable and gamified experience. It provides doctors with the data they need to make better decisions and manage their suite of patients more efficiently than ever before.

Pharmalytix, Inc.

Pharmalytix introduces an innovative solution - an insulin spoilage test designed to fortify the control and confidence of individuals with diabetes during critical moments. Through a simple application of a small insulin sample, our rapid testing process provides users with swift, visual validation of medication integrity in less than 30 minutes, empowering them with reassurance when they need it most.


We have created a menstrual blood screening device that revolutionizes the field of gynecology and women's health. The FADpad is an affordable and non-invasive way to test for gynecological diseases in the comfort of the user's home.


Our dielectric sensors fit in complex bioreactors while still having decent accuracy.


Reflex aims to reduce emergency response times by delivering medical equipment via drones to bystanders and victims in time-critical emergencies.