CarbonPlay is a plug in carbon credit issuing platform for sustainability projects at scale and a project marketplace to for purchasers to find projects. CarbonPlay uses a digital ledger technology to enable trust by tracking sustainability metrics directly from the sensors.

Arlax, Inc

Online platform connecting content creators and digital artists to powerful editing tools

Carter Wade, Inc.

We craft high-end handbags from sustainably sourced cactus leather

Novux, Inc.

Students and home workers will buy the Stimulight because they want to increase their productivity and mood/mental health.

Soter Driving, Inc

Our patent-pending eye-tracking software identifies and address hazardous behavior in new teenager drivers. It will play a sound to redirect their attention when they're distracted, and generate reports about behavior.


People who like artificial nails will buy InfiNails because current nails on the market are cumbersome when using touchscreens.


Built with GPT-4, Roadmap automatically breaks down any goal into smaller, actionable steps and schedules those steps directly onto your calendar..

Neural Fetch

Keep track of your dog’s body and mind even while you are away


We have created a menstrual blood screening device that revolutionizes the field of gynecology and women's health. The FADpad is an affordable and non-invasive way to test for gynecological diseases in the comfort of the user's home.

Allical, Inc.

Customers/companies will buy Allical supplement/production license because of its proven active ingredient delivery technology