Safe Road Solutions

Our goal is to improve roadway safety for the public and to save lives by developing innovative and cost-effective technologies that leverage the power of smartphones and AI. Our focus is to efficiently identify high crash-risk locations, primarily dangerous roadway curves (turns), evaluate their safety condition, and recommend safety improvement countermeasures. This would benefit 1) transportation agencies for enhanced roadway safety management and improvement, and 2) logistics companies and connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) for safer navigation.


Individuals will buy wearable micro-optical sensors to measure their personal exposure to toxic gases and particulates.

Hermes Automotive Inc

Logistics/trucking companies will buy our aftermarket autonomous driving kits because it will cut costs and increase operating hours.


CarbonPlay is a plug in carbon credit issuing platform for sustainability projects at scale and a project marketplace to for purchasers to find projects. CarbonPlay uses a digital ledger technology to enable trust by tracking sustainability metrics directly from the sensors.

Hitch Buddy

A mid to long distance ride sharing app focused on matching traveling drivers with passengers wanting to travel in a similar route

Soter Driving, Inc

Our patent-pending eye-tracking software identifies and address hazardous behavior in new teenager drivers. It will play a sound to redirect their attention when they're distracted, and generate reports about behavior.

XR Navigation Inc.

We are building Audiom: The world's most inclusive visual, auditory, and tactile digital map viewer and editor.


Lumindt Labs

Using materials processed in space to manufacture parts in space.

Pattent, LLC

Enabling higher levels of drone autonomy by generating routes through urban areas that minimize risk to people on the ground.