Capstone Frequently Asked Questions


What is the course number?

  • For ME’s: ME 4182X
  • For ECE’s: GT 4823 E_X
  • For CS: CS 4853 X

What is the course format?

Lectures will be for one hour on Monday afternoon (1:55 - 2:45).  Teams will meet with advisors for 30 minutes on Wednesday afternoon (between 3 - 5:45 pm). Three times a semester, all teams will come together for 3 hours of back-to-back presentations on Wednesday afternoon (3 - 5:45 pm).  The listed course times of W1:55 - 2:45 and M3 - 5:45 will not be used.

Do I need a permit to register?


Do I need to apply for a spot in the course?


Do I need a team or idea to enroll?

Not necessary. Students not already in a team can join a team on the first day and brainstorm ideas for the first month. Pre-existing teams may continue to stay together and may continue working on the idea they already have. 

Can I bring an idea?


Can I bring a team?

Yes, but all teammates must be enrolled in the course and at this time we only accept ME, ECE, and CS majors.

What size can my team be?

We accept teams with 1-7 members. Like other Capstone section, teams will typically  be between 4 - 6 students, occasionally with a team of 7. 


ME students:

Does this replace regular ME 4182?


What is different from ME4182?  

We’ll spend substantial effort in the first month helping you find a problem to solve that is real, important, and unsolved.

What are the ME student options for Capstone?

  • ME 4182 Section A-F  This is a regular capstone section with ME majors only.
  • ME 4182 Section IDThis is a joint section of capstone with ME and ID majors.  You will be working on ID related projects in this section.
  • ME 4182 Section X, This is a Create-X section of capstone. 
  • GT 4823 Section MEA, Multidisciplinary Capstone focused on industry and research projects with  ME and BME students. 
  • GT 4823 Section MEB,Multidisciplinary Capstone focused on industry and research projects with ME and EE students.


ECE students

Does this replace 4012?


Am I eligible?  

All students who have taken ECE 3882 or ECE 4011 are eligible to take CREATE-X Capstone (GT 4823 E_X) for their 2nd semester of capstone. 4011 students should consult with their instructor about requirements imposed by ECE to leave 4011 with team intact (contact: Bruno Frazier and Mary Ann Weitnauer)

CS students

Can I get a time conflict override to register?

Time conflict overrides will be given to CS students to miss up to 1.5 of the Wednesday afternoon hours but not the Monday lecture. The listed course times of W155-245 and M3-545 will not be used so time conflict overrides can be given for this. Email with your GTID and CC

Can I take CREATE-X courses to fulfill my junior design requirement?

Yes, there are 2 ways to fulfill your junior design requirement using CREATE-X courses. 

  1. Students using CREATE-X for junior design take at least 6 hours of CREATE-X Start-up Lab and Idea 2 Prototype (I2P) and 3 of those 6 hours must be I2P. Students will take these 6 hours with LMC 3403 to satisfy their Technical Communication requirement.
    • 1st semester: Start-up Lab-CS 2701 OR Idea to Prototype (I2P), 3 hours
    • 2nd semester-Idea to Prototype, CS 2699/4699, 3 hours
    • 2nd semester or after: Technical Communication, LMC 3403, 3 hours
    • = 9 hours
  2. CREATE-X Capstone Design (CS 4853X, 3 hours) + Technical Writing (LMC 3403, 3 hours) can be used to fulfill the junior design requirement.

Can I take LMC 3403 in the same semesters or not?

Yes either is allowable.What is the course number?​