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Building the Future

Startups that have gone through the CREATE-X initiative have created dozens of new jobs, generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue, secured institutional financing, and run successful crowdfunding campaigns. These startups serve both large corporate customers and hundreds and thousands of consumers.

CREATE-X Updates

<p>DASDUO Sarah Hammer Spotlight</p>

CREATE-X Startup Launch Alumni Sarah Hammer creates DASDUO, the startup that offers business casual wear that doubles as athletic wear.

Joanna Oliva

January 14, 2019
Atlanta, GA

Music Trainer Crescendo Helps One Million Musicians

Polly Ouellette

December 17, 2018
Atlanta, GA
<p>Sarah Bush and her startup, TINA, at CREATE-X Demo Day, held at the Fox Theatre in August 2018.</p>

After graduation, Sarah Bush plans to continue working on her startup company and applying to bioengineering Ph.D. programs.

Stacy Braukman

Institute Communications

December 10, 2018
Atlanta, GA

Our Programs

CREATE-X offers entrepreneurship programs for all students, from incoming freshmen and undergraduate students of all years, to masters and Ph.D. students. The programs are organized into three categories: LEARN, MAKE and LAUNCH.


LEARN provides knowledge through experiential learning, exposing students to startup concepts and teaching them the methodology of evidence-based entrepreneurship.


MAKE provides students the skills and technical expertise to overcome technological challenges that exist to turn their idea into a working product.


LAUNCH provides students the resources, mentorship, and confidence to launch their startups and take their products to market.