Fall 2021 I2P Showcase


What is Idea to Prototype (I2P)?

Idea to Prototype (I2P) is a course where Georgia Tech students spend a semester turning their invention idea into a working product. Students earn research credit for the course, in addition to receiving financial support and faculty mentorship.

The I2P course was established through CREATE-X, a Georgia Tech initiative devoted to instilling entrepreneurial confidence in students and empowering them to launch successful startups. CREATE-X consists of three programmatic elements – LEARN-MAKE-LAUNCH – and I2P is a key part of MAKE.

What is the I2P Showcase?

The I2P Showcase is the culmination of the I2P course. At the showcase, student inventors across campus present functional prototypes with application to real-world problems.

CREATE-X will host the fall 2021 I2P Showcase on Monday, December 6 in the Marcus Nanotechnology Building atrium from 5 to 7 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. To register for the event, visit https://bit.ly/3F5TmjA.

Event Program

Click here to view the fall 2021 I2P Showcase program.


An app to help people affected by Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or Other Specified Dissociative Disorders (OSSD) manage their memory and track triggers and alters.

Team members: Sneha Malneedi

Anchor Resistance
A polymer handle attachment for resistance bands to be used in a variety of exercises, the design is modular.

Team members: Zachary Schenken

Barmaid is a digital marketplace streamlining the event venue booking process for bars, clubs, and other unique spaces. 

Team members: Matthew Marion 

An integrated case management and legal workdesk for lawyers and law firms.

Team members: Yash Singhal

An individualized guide on spirituality for users (not just astrology like other applications).

Team members: Isaac Dobson

A low cost auditory detection and alert device for users who cannot afford the market correctives of hearing aids and cochlear implants to be able to respond to certain chosen cues. 

Team members: Prasnav Naik, Cauviya Selva

A solution to advance the state of art of moving up steep slopes on lunar terrain (> 30 degrees) to support the mobility systems for the Artemis Lunar Base.

Team members: Yujiao Liu, Heying Zhang

A community-based delivery platform connecting users through the ease of commerce. Groder is aiming to create a delivery service for high density populated areas that links consumers who need any retail product with other consumers already at or headed to the store. 

Team members: Rishi Bengani, Tanuj Dunthuluri, Subhash Kanaparthi, Srikar Parsi 

A thermoregulated shoe that strives to isolate a patient’s foot to reduce the risk of ulcers. 

Team members: Paola Colon, Julian Perez, Jacob Wutzler

A universal notepad for any of your productivity apps that lets teams organize and execute tasks and ideas right from inboxes (and eventually SMS, and Slack), without ever opening another app.

Team members: Aidan Pratt

Standardized test prep programs taught by recent, top-scoring instructors with high school students.

Team members: Chris Kontomaris, Ritvik Ramakrishnan

A mobile tracking application for individuals at risk for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).

Team members: Aakansha Mehrotra, Naz Ozturk, Shruti Vedula

A picture frame designed to display one’s NFT.

Team members: Elijah Peterson

A solution that connects patients in nursing care facilities to their nurses using smart home assistants.

Team members: Ahmed Sabeeh, Shakeeb Shams

A web app to aid pathologists in making diagnoses, utilizing AI image recognition and social networking.

Team members: Gary Peng, Joseph Vitko

Access control for third parties.

Team members: Nemo Yang

A sustainable initiative that incentivizes impoverished/polluted areas to initiate ESG principles into their community structure. 

Team members: David Reteneller, Jack Voss

A surface electromyography (sEMG) sensor with its electrode built into the PCB.

Team members: Yunho Cho, Jihan Park

A web app that generates a QR code that automatically adds someone to a virtual line for a specific service.

Team members: Srinath Somasundaram

An in-store shopping navigation that helps delivery people and customers locate groceries with minimal time. 

Team members: Yi Hu

A blockchain based music app that empowers artists to turn their songs into individual stocks so fans can invest in them and their art.

Team members: Kyle Barone, Cale Russell, Nicole Williams

A website for musicians to display, schedule, and get paid for their private lessons.

Team members: William King, Richard Lee, Yuma Tanaka

A centralized online platform where college students can rent items such as textbooks, camping gear or sports equipment to other students for short periods of time. 

Team members: Koby Beard, Arjun Goyal, Chris Jackson

A device for physical rehabilitation.

Team members: Jennifer Duong, Vishal Malla, Carsen Miller, Akshat Patel, Yenamala Reddy, Zhiyang Xu

A collapsible electric scooter in which the battery and controller are stored in one’s book bag and only the motor wheels are on the scooter.

Team members: Samay Chandna 

A wearable device for use in clinical gait analysis.

Team members: Marzeah Khorramabadi

An API that makes audio sound studio quality.

Team members: Dong-Hyun (Tony) Kim

An organization tool that will help people keep track of their belongings when they move homes or travel.

Team members: Ana Belen Coronel, Curie Kim, Devanei Solai

An app that provides digital collectible service to help users explore content made by their favorite content creators in a 3D world.

Team members: Xiang Li, Meiqi Lin, Yangming Zhang, Zheyong Zhu

An app that consolidates the college social experience by using university email domains to give students the ability to securely invite other students to events quickly and easily, as well as filter through other students in a dating type setting, increasing the efficiency and safety of online dating.

Team members: Coleman Thompson, Aidan Walton

A novel low-cost wearable device, improving upon existing solutions, that assists the visually impaired population with effectively detecting obstacles in their environment, allowing for a safe and independent means of navigation in the outside world.

Team members: Pranay Agrawal