CREATE-X Capstone Design

Beginning in Fall 2018, a special section of Capstone Design (ME 4182, GT4823) will be dedicated to entrepreneurial projects. In this section, student teams will design and build prototypes of their invention ideas and explore whether there is a market demand and value proposition for them.

We will provide a nurturing environment, mentorship, and financial support for these entrepreneurial teams, including relevant lectures catering to the needs of a startup. The best team(s) from the section will automatically receive:

  • Direct admission to CREATE-X Startup Launch, with $20k in funding 

  • Direct berth to the InVenture Prize Semi-Final Round (top 25 inventions out of 100+)

As in the traditional Capstone course, students will follow the design process, produce reports and presentations, and earn Capstone Design course credit towards their degree. 

The course will be led by Associate Professor Craig Forest, who has taught Capstone Design for six years. He founded or co-founded the Capstone Expo, InVenture Prize, Invention Studio, and is an associate director of CREATE-X. In 2013, he was named Engineer of the Year in Education for the state of Georgia.

Interested? Apply now. Tell us your name, email, and why below. There are only 25 spots so we will select which students will receive registration permits based on this information. Applying does not obligate you to enroll. You do not need a team or idea to apply.

Questions? Email: Prof. Craig Forest at