CREATE-X Scholar

Jessie Liu, ME

"My interest isn't in entrepreneurship, it is in innovating and creating new ideas and products that can help people across the world live better and easier lives. Entrepreneurship is simply a way to achieve that."

CREATE-X Scholar

Alexander Hammond, CS

"Innovate or Die."

CREATE-X Scholar

Kunal Mitra, ECE

"I am interested in tech entrepreneurship and start-ups, specifically in the field of electrical and computer engineering."

CREATE-X Scholar

Jaydra von Behren, BME

"I believe that the astounding global innovation and development today is a result of the creativity pursued and risk taken through entrepreneurship. By participating in Georgia Tech's CREATE-X program, we students will be able to develop these skills to implement new ideas andmake a change that further impacts society in a positive way. I am super excited to be a part of this incredible program!"

CREATE-X Scholar

Max Appelbaum, ME

"I am very excited to have been chosen to receive this entrepreneurial scholarship. I've always had ideas of new products to make and I feel that CREATE-X will help me make these ideas a reality!"

CREATE-X Scholar

Rusit Patel, ME

"I look forward to creating a startup by utilizing the engineering skills and experience I gain at Georgia Tech to enhance the lives of others and strengthen communities around the world with an innovative approach and impactful products."

CREATE-X Scholar

Joshua Smith, ECE

CREATE-X Scholar

Jonathan Leo, ECE

"Entrepreneurship speaks to me as an independent career. Being able to have control and responsibility concerning my own business's direction appeals to me as I could create it in my own image."

About CREATE-X Scholars

The broader goal of this initiative is to provide the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences that will give Georgia Tech graduates the confidence to create their own future. In effort to encourage entrepreneurship in new Georgia Tech students, CREATE-X awarded 9 students out of the 7,000 that will be admitted, with a scholarship. As a CREATE-X Scholar, students receive a one-time award of $5000. In addition to regular advisement from an assigned faculty, and invited to make informal meetings with CREATE-X faculty, student entrepreneurs, inventors, and successful alumni.

The CREATE-X Scholars program started in 2016 as a way to support graduating seniors from Georgia state high schools who attend Georgia Tech as freshman. Through the success of the program’s first iteration, CREATE-X Scholars has recently expanded nationally, to support and encourage entrepreneurs from any state.

Are you a senior in high school, and excited to pursue entrepreneurship in college?
Be sure to indicate entrepreneurship as an area of interest on your Georgia Tech application!


CREATE-X is a faculty-led, student-focused initiative that provides students the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences to confidently pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.