The CREATE-X initiative consists of three distinct elements:

  • LEARN - A set of programs geared toward educating students on startup concepts and terminology, and exposing them to the evidence-based entrepreneurship methodology. The curriculum also helps students identify ‘needs’ that demand solutions, and build their ability to design and implement these solutions and prototype with the constraint of generating a financially sustainable model—in other words, creating entrepreneurs. 
  • MAKE - A set of research and development programs that are geared toward enabling students to overcome technology barriers that might lie in the way of them launching a successful venture. The programs provide students resources, mentorship, and curricular credit as they create intellectual property and build prototypes toward their venture idea. 
  • LAUNCH - A capstone experience that is a semester long where students have the same status as co-op students. During this capstone experience, students launch their own startups, and have access to capital from an investment fund set up by friends of Georgia Tech (but established and managed outside of Georgia Tech). LAUNCH includes the Startup Launch program.

The overall entrepreneurial confidence initiative is a pathway, consisting of undergraduate and graduate curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities that, in total, give all interested students, regardless of major or year of study, the skills to value and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities that are real, not theoretical; in short, CREATE-X will enable students to be “entrepreneurially confident.” 


LEARN provides knowledge through experiential learning, exposing students to startup concepts and teaching them the methodology of evidence-based entrepreneurship.


MAKE provides students the skills and technical expertise to overcome technological challenges that exist to turn their idea into a working product.


LAUNCH provides students the resources, mentorship, and confidence to launch their startups and take their products to market.