Portfolio: All Projects

Workflow makes your company knowledge accessible and handles everyday tasks.
TruePani aims to sustain drinking water quality at the point-ofusethrough the application of antimicrobial copper.
Stord connects businesses in need of warehousing and distribution solutions to excess warehousing capacity to help save time, money, and hassle.
We’re creating a sports focused multi-media relational database community of the entire sports world. SportsDBN.com is the place where everyone in the Sports World will go to brand themselves, share information, keep memories, network, and interact with each other.
SolCharged aims to introduce efficient PV panel mounting systems that will revolutionize the commercial solar industry.
Sniffer GPS
Sniffer GPS specializes in making a location tracking dog collar that pairs with a smart phone and web app to let you track your dog in real time.
SkyNaut drones, inspired by the natural flapping of birds, provide a revolutionary platform for personal and professional aerial data collection.
In the case of an emergency, Prysmic securely delivers your personal medical information in real time to the people who can save your life.
Phoenix Rescue
The Phoenix Rescue Rebreather System is a device that provides additional oxygen to firefighters or civilians during crucial moments in emergencies.
Modif Media
Modif Media is an online platform that allows people to connect with freelance video editors. The service streamlines the process of getting videos edited and is efficient for both the customer and the editor.
MiraBlue Bio
MiraBlue Bio is a startup dedicated to creating colon-specific delivery systems for your pharmaceutical and nutraceutical active ingredients.
A research equipment startup that provides small, accurate particle-sizing devices to research labs and relevant manufacturing industries.
A deep learning platform that helps interpret a range of sentiments from social media to provide content based predictive analytics.
Using predictive analytics to determine hotspots for taxi drivers.
FretWizard creates animated tutorials on how to play guitar songs. It can play any given chord chart or tablature.
A Smart Calorie Counter Powered by Artificial Intelligence
FireHUD is a wearable device for firefighters that monitors,records, and displays real-time biometric information.
Catalize is a mobile application which allows a person of influence to seamlessly make an introduction between two people in their personal or professional circle.
Akyron Industries
Atlanta-based startup producing the world’s first all-natural synaptotropic energy microbeverage. Designed for college students, by college students.