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AI-based data cleaning and prep application
Custom 3D printed artificial nails designed through a mobile application.
TrashTalks is a waste solutions company aspiring to revolutionize the waste industry through smart technology and promotion of a circular economy.
TINA Healthcare
TINA Healthcare has created a universal tampon inserter for women of all abilities.
Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing App and Website. Different from Turo, ZipCar and Maven due to our open source model with tracking.
TheGirlCodeProject offers introductory computer science classes for mothers and daughters in Atlanta.
The Rampart
Coworking + Childcare. Previously called Momspace.
Spotlight AR
Spotlight AR is a navigation platform that uses augmented reality to help guests at large outdoor venues find points of interest more efficiently.
Smop Technologies
Fast-paced, quick-turnaround, software freelancing
School Pass Live!
SchoolPassLive is an app for all schools to better secure school buildings, monitor student passes, and improve instruction & learning.
Sanus Solutions
Say goodbye to heavy badges and smile for the camera with Sanus Solutions hand hygiene monitoring systems.
Industrial aerial transportation.
Rift is a platform that closes the divide between gamers, allowing streamers to engage and play with their fan base, coaches and players to share their skills, and gamers to meet, play, and win together.
Relativa Health
Relativa Health provides remote patient monitoring and telemedicine services to reduce the risk of complications for patients in skilled nursing facilities.
Know the wait to the minute for anywhere there is a line or wait time. On iOS App stores now
Pretty Tech
Cultivating a talent pipeline for overcoming under-representation in tech.
pHAM Products
Coffee filters that reduce the acidity of your coffee without negatively impacting the taste!
Detecting open-source license violations in mobile apps.
Needy Ninja
We provide a breakthrough experience in travel companion search via offering a marketplace where people can list and search travel help.
The best place to discover memes you love!
Our aim is make social and travel experiences seamless and easier for smartphone users with the integration of augmented reality.
KalMed Healthcare
We are revolutionizing the blood diagnostic testing industry.
Thermotherapeutic solutions to manage menstrual pain.
Halfpast Labs
Halfpast is using data to help companies fix their performance reviews, increase collaboration, and understand how their teams work best.
Detecting, predicting, and preventing low blood sugar.
Predictive energy analytics for the data center.
Civil engineering design and construction companies will subscribe to Filio platform which offers a spatial- and temporal-based organization of construction photos to facilitate documentation, which still remains a largely inefficient task in this domain.
Ethos Medical
Ethos Medical is developing a handheld medical device to guide the placement of needles for lumbar punctures.
Diivy is a way for college alumni and supporters of colleges to increase institutional funding in a more affordable way through roundup technology.
We build intuitive UIs to make it easier for genomicists to preprocess data.
Business casual wear for the active woman.
Daeira Conservation
Ecotourism service for resorts to create ocean education and conservation programs.
We are a learning application that uses cognitive science techniques to improve a student's long term retention.
ConvexMind sells mobile games that track the cognitive development of children for their parents to help accelerate literacy.
Atmen Biomedical
To address the disease that affects 1 in 14 Americans today, Atmen Biomedical created a solution that improves asthma management by correcting the user's inhaler technique.
Mobile and web sports performance and training platform
Single Click Aircraft Maintenance Logbook Research for Aircraft Mechanics
Afina is dedicated to improve the lives of women in low- and middle-income countries by providing cheap, easy to administer, and accessible methods for cervical cancer detection.
TopTime Coffee
TopTime Coffee will bring the coffee industry into the future with their fully customizable microroaster and educational, DIY platform for coffee enthusiasts.
Tootee AI
Tootee AI is an Intelligent Conversation Agent Derived by Deep Learning to Empower Customer Service Experience.
Stempower is a mentoring program encouraging young women to explore science, technology, engineering, and math through building classroom confidence and promoting resilience.
SophiaTech enables the technology for low-power IoT application such as a Wake-up device for Google Home or Amazon Echo.
SpecWare is developing new technologies and methods that more effectively measure blood alcohol concentration.
Shout Health
ShoutHealth is a platform that redirects non-acute patients from emergency departments to low-cost community clinics. This results in less wasteful spending and better patient care.
Pedal Creator
Pedal Creator is a fully analog, customizable guitar effects pedal that helps you find the sound in your mind’s ear.
Pasen is a local news content provider and aggregator. We help local news agencies communicate with their community like it’s twenty first century.
Oddity Instruments
Oddity Instruments develops a new generation of completely analog electric percussion instruments.
An on-demand Beauty App delivering quality makeup services.
Mandala Soundworks
Mandala Soundworks specializes in the production of music instrument hardware/software accessories and programs.
Lilac is helping independent workers maximize their tax savings by making tax planning accessible and by making freelancer financials simple to understand.
We are designing and building a brand new commuter experience in the form of a futuristic electric bike.
iSimu VR
iSimu VR is the premier virtual reality entertainment arcade in Georgia.
InvitroScan identifies invading pathogens in sick patients using novel biochemical receptors.
InternBlitz is the common application for internships. Say goodbye to the busy work of filling out applications and focus on finding an amazing internship.
A personal styling application that understands your wardrobe to recommend outfits that match your taste and lifestyle.
Fashioncents is a clothing recommendation engine that searches through 1M+ clothes from 100+ retailers to find the clothes that match your measurements, clothing style, and budget.
Eddy Motorworks
At Eddy Motorworks, we design, build, and sell custom electric vehicle powertrains - from EV conversions of classic cars to a ground-up electric track car called The Electrocet.
Crescendo helps musicians boost their confidence through interactive training software powered by Artificial Intelligence.
Computer Science for Everyone.
An IoT company that detects car crashes on impact with artificial intelligence.
BoxFynder is a subscription service that gives you the ability to choose from a wide variety of curated goods from socks to dogs toys for one flat rate.
Avanago is a travel planning assistant that provides personalized trip recommendations for when you just vana-go!
Autohub engages car enthusiasts with performance and technical specs for over 2500 cars, automotive news/video content, and motorsports results.
<p>A new way to tattoo.</p>
Alfirin Technologies
<p>Alfirin Technologies aims to create safer surgical solutions through creative engineering solutions.</p>
Workflow makes your company knowledge accessible and handles everyday tasks.
TruePani aims to sustain drinking water quality at the point-ofusethrough the application of antimicrobial copper.
Stord connects businesses in need of warehousing and distribution solutions to excess warehousing capacity to help save time, money, and hassle.
We’re creating a sports focused multi-media relational database community of the entire sports world. is the place where everyone in the Sports World will go to brand themselves, share information, keep memories, network, and interact with each other.
SolCharged aims to introduce efficient PV panel mounting systems that will revolutionize the commercial solar industry.
Sniffer GPS
Sniffer GPS specializes in making a location tracking dog collar that pairs with a smart phone and web app to let you track your dog in real time.
SkyNaut drones, inspired by the natural flapping of birds, provide a revolutionary platform for personal and professional aerial data collection.
In the case of an emergency, Prysmic securely delivers your personal medical information in real time to the people who can save your life.
Phoenix Rescue
The Phoenix Rescue Rebreather System is a device that provides additional oxygen to firefighters or civilians during crucial moments in emergencies.
Modif Media
Modif Media is an online platform that allows people to connect with freelance video editors. The service streamlines the process of getting videos edited and is efficient for both the customer and the editor.
MiraBlue Bio
MiraBlue Bio is a startup dedicated to creating colon-specific delivery systems for your pharmaceutical and nutraceutical active ingredients.
A research equipment startup that provides small, accurate particle-sizing devices to research labs and relevant manufacturing industries.
A deep learning platform that helps interpret a range of sentiments from social media to provide content based predictive analytics.
Using predictive analytics to determine hotspots for taxi drivers.
FretWizard creates animated tutorials on how to play guitar songs. It can play any given chord chart or tablature.
A Smart Calorie Counter Powered by Artificial Intelligence
FireHUD is a wearable device for firefighters that monitors,records, and displays real-time biometric information.
Catalize is a mobile application which allows a person of influence to seamlessly make an introduction between two people in their personal or professional circle.
Akyron Industries
Atlanta-based startup producing the world’s first all-natural synaptotropic energy microbeverage. Designed for college students, by college students.
Intelligent EV Charging
Your companion for spending and shopping abroad.
Because what's important should be obvious.
Your Personal Farmer
Sales Coaching. Redefined.
Robotics for a Cause.
Feeding the Future through Sustainable Protein.
Next-generation LED Performance Props
Size. Redefined.
Personal Transportation
Clean energy for everyone.

2014 (Batch 1)

Smart Vending
Your car is talking to you, are you listening?
Unmanned United
The future of farming.
Wirelessly share with the people around you
Apparel analytics
See there | Be there
Products for babies, peace of mind for parents.