CREATE-X is a faculty-led, student-focused initiative to instill entrepreneurial confidence in Georgia Tech’s students. It provides students the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences to confidently pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.

The broader goal of this initiative is to provide the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences that will give Georgia Tech graduates the confidence to create their own future.

CREATE-X consists of the programmatic elements of LEARN-MAKE-LAUNCH. The CREATE-X initiative is unique because of the following core philosophies:

  • Students explore entrepreneurship through the ultimate experiential learning mode – launching their own startups with seed funding, legal assistance, and intensive coaching.

  • All key elements of CREATE-X are curricular – students receive credit that counts toward graduation.

  • The emphasis in CREATE-X programs is on “Deep Startups”, or in other words startups that are likely to have long-term impact as opposed to only short-term gain.

The Institute leadership pledged early support for the initiative and with a seed gift from alumni donor Chris Klaus, and subsequently from the Marcus Foundation, CREATE-X has been successfully running iterations of signature programs over the last three years. There have been significant outcomes out of these programs that have clearly validated the impact of the initiative, and have informed how it should be shaped and grown going forth. In addition to the 72 startups launched over the last three years, the following are some key student and faculty metrics for CREATE-X:

LEARN Startup Lab
Startup Lab teaches the theory and practice of startups. This semester-long 3-credit class covers creativity, teaming, startup metrics, MVPs, and business models.

MAKE Idea to Prototype (I2P)
Idea to Prototype is an undergraduate experience that gives teams resources (up to $1500 per team) and technical faculty mentorship to make their idea into a working product.

LAUNCH Startup Launch
Startup Launch is where students “intern” to launch their startups. Teams are provided with seed funding ($20k each), legal services, space, mentorship, IP protection, and visibility.